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Alerts & Detours

  • Route 2 Northbound: The Northbound Adams Park Apartments bus stop will be closed for safety purposes until Tuesday (11/12/2019) due to construction near the bus stop. Nearest northbound route 2 bus stops located at Fuller/Ramona.
  • Route # 3 SB: Cherry (L) Commerce (R) Oakes (R) La Grave (L) Cherry to regular route
    Route # 3 NB: Cherry (R) La Grave (L) Fulton (L) Division (R) Cherry to RCS.
    Bus Stops on Cherry between Commerce and LaGrave will not be serviced.
  • Route # 6 Detour starting 10/21/2019:
    Route # 6 SB: Fountain (R) Ransom (L) Fulton (L) Lafayette (R) Fountain to regular route. The Fountain/Spectrum Theater (Stop ID 2416) will not be serviced while on this detour.
  • Route 9 Detour
    NB: Seward (L) Douglas (R) Lexington/Stocking to regular route
    SB: Stocking/Lexington (L) Douglas (R) Seward to regular route
  • Route # 13 NB: Monroe (R) North Park) (R) Coit to regular route. Layover on Coit Avenue in front of the entrance/exit driveway of the Veterans Facility.
  • Route 16 SB: Health Dr. (L) Center (R) on the 1st Street after turning on Center (L) Village Dr. to regular route. No bus stops will be missed while on this detour.
  • Route #18 detour:
    Westbound: Bridge (R) Gold (L) Douglas (L) Lexington (L) Stocking to regular route.
    Eastbound: Stocking (R) 1st (L) Cadwell (R) Bridge to regular route.
  • Route # 18
    WB: Covell (R) Birch (L) Shawmaut (L) Bridge to regular route. Layover at first stop on Tremont Blvd.
  • Route 19 Westbound: Bridge (R) Stocking (R) Second St. Lay in at temporary bus stop on Second Street.... (R) Seward to regular route.
  • Route 19 – The bus stop on First Street will not be serviced until further notice due to road closures. For the route 19 bus, please wait at the temporary bus stop located on Second Street.
  • GVSU Football Game Detour 11/16/19 from 10am to 1pm:
    Route#50 EB:Departing Kirkhoff Center (L)S Campus Drive (R Pierce (R)48th Avenue (R)Lake Michigan Drive to regular route. The Mackinac Hall & N Campus Dr/W Ravine Center bus stops will not be serviced.
  • Route # 60 Detour starting 10/21/2019:
    Route # 60: Fountain (R) Ransom (L) Fulton (L) into Sneden Hall to layover point. The Fountain/Spectrum Theater (Stop ID 2416) will not be serviced while on this detour.