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Walker Transit Needs Assessment 

The Rapid has initiated a study to look into the possibility of expanding services based upon unmet demand for public transit within the City of Walker. The study will focus on the 3 Mile corridor within the City of Walker, which is an area with a large number of jobs but limited transit options. This corridor includes the area from 3 Mile Rd and Alpine Ave to 3 Mile Rd and Remembrance Rd, and extending up to 4 Mile Rd. This area is home to many light industrial facilities, the Meijer Corporation Headquarters, Kenowa Hills High School, and many other potential transit generators. Additionally, this area has a large amount of currently vacant land that is either already planned for development or could be developed in the near future.

Beyond moving people sustainably, public transit service supports a region’s economic vitality by connecting people to jobs, education, and health services. With multiple demands for limited transit funds, how The Rapid best allocates its funds is vital. This study seeks to deliver a strategy using currently available resources cost effectively to meet unmet demand in potentially underserved areas and support economic development. The study will involve looking at both the transportation needs data of the area (number of jobs, population, existing transportation service, etc.), as well as conducting extensive public outreach to determine transportation needs and how they can be best addressed.

Study Area

Walker Study Area Map




As part of the outreach for this analysis we have developed a survey to help determine potential transit demand of the employment sector within the City of Walker. The following survey is intended for employers who have locations within the City of Walker. The survey contains demographic questions based on employee residential locations. Having a report inclusive of county, city, and zip code of employees, as well as employment numbers, and shift times will enable you to best respond. Additionally, we may wish to ask follow up questions or communicate with you directly, so filling out the contact information at the end of the survey is very important.

Take The Survey

Project Schedule

Walker Transit Assessment Project Schedule


Advisory Committee

Committee Member Organization
Jenny Redes Custom Profile
Bianca LaFountain OnPoint Employment Solutions
Karen Hall Plasan Carbon Composites
Ryan Kilpatrick MEDC
Rick Chapla The Right Place
Mayor Mark Huizenga City of Walker
Adelyn Van Tol Disbility Advocates of Kent County
Kurt Adams Meijer
Debbi Coleman Hope Network
Steve Redmond MDOT

Service Providers & Service Analysis

Once all of the transit service providers had been identified, the project team assessed the services provided. A review of this assessment can be found here. 

City of Walker: Service Providers and Service Analysis (/var/www/html/ - File does not exist!, PDF)