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  • Route 1 - The bus stop on Division “17 South“ between Fulton and Weston will be closed because of construction until further notice.
  • Route # 4 NB: Eastern (R) Hall (L) Kalamazoo (L) Franklin (R) Eastern to regular route.
    Route # 4 SB: Eastern (R) Franklin (L) Madison (L) Hall (R) Eastern to regular route.
    The Bus stops on Eastern between Hall & Franklin will not be serviced.
  • Route 7 Westbound: US 131 Pearl Street off ramp (L) Pearl (R) Seward (R) 6th (L) Scribner to regular route - Bus stops on Scribner from Pearl to 6th Street will not be serviced. There is a temporary bus stop on the northeast corner of Pearl ant Mt. Vernon
  • Route 9 bus stop at Lamoreaux and Bekinshire will be closed due to road construction until June 1st 2019. For the route 9 bus, please wait at the bus stop at the corner of Alpenhorn and Lamoreaux.
  • Route # 12 EB: Garfield (L) Lake Michigan Dr (R) Straight (L) Fulton to regular route.
  • Route # 13 NB: Monroe (R) North Park (R) Coit to regular route. Layover on Coit Avenue in front of the entrance/exit driveway of the Veterans Facility.
  • Route # 13 NB: 3 Mile (L) Coit (R) Sligh (R) Monroe to regular route.
  • Route # 14 EB: Lakeside (R) Michigan (R) Worcester (L) Kent Blvd. (L) Maryland to regular rte.
    Route # 14 WB: Maryland (R) Kent Blvd. (R) Worcester (L) Michigan (L) Lakeside to regular rte.
  • Route #18 detour:
    Westbound: Bridge (R) Gold (L) Douglas (L) Lexington/Stocking to regular route.
    Eastbound: Stocking (R) 1st (L) Cadwell (R) Bridge to regular route.
  • Route 19 Westbound: Bridge (R) Stocking (R) Second St. Lay in at temporary bus stop on Second Street.... (R) Seward to regular route.
  • Route 19 – The bus stop on First Street will not be serviced until further notice due to road closures. For the route 19 bus, please wait at the temporary bus stop located on Second Street.
  • The route 50 eastbound bus stop at Lake Michigan Dr & Ferndale (Meijer) will be temporarily closed for Laker Line Construction. Route 50 eastbound will service a temporary stop just east of the current one. Westbound bus stop will not be affected.
  • Laker Line Construction Starting May 6, 2019 on GVSU Allendale Campus Detour:
    Route # 50 WB: North Campus Drive (R) W Ravine Center Dr (L) Laker Village Dr (L) Calder Dr – Layover at Temporay bus stop on Calder Dr.
  • Laker Line Construction Starting May 6, 2019 on GVSU Allendale Campus Detour:
    Route # 50 EB:Departing Temporary bus stop on Calder Dr (R) S Campus Dr (R) Pierce (R) 42nd / Laker Village Dr (R) W Ravine Center Dr (L) N Campus Dr to regular route.

  • Route # 50 EB detour near CHS due to Hastings being closed for construction: Traveling eastbound on Michigan; Stay straight on Michigan (R) Prospect (R) Lyon (R) Lafayette (L) Michigan to regular route.
  • The bus stop at CHS and at Coit / Michigan will not be serviced due to road closures. In the E/B direction please wait at the bus stop on Michigan just east of Lafayette & in the W/B direction please wait at the bus stop on Michigan just west of Coit.
  • Route # 50 EB at Lake Michigan Dr and Fulton: Lake Michigan Drive (L) Slight left to stay on Lake Michigan Drive; Straight on Lake Michigan Drive to PEW Campus to regular route. Reminder: All right hand corners are bus stops when on detour.